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The Beauty Of Being Authentic, Living Boldly As Women And Amplifying Our Voices.


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Is there an interconnectedness between living boldly and being authentic? I ask myself this question a lot recently. Mainly because of how often I process personal thoughts about moments that have turned full circle for me as a young woman. Are these factors interlinked because they are integral parts of being a whole person (woman)? Could it be that living boldly and being authentic is vital for me to lead a good life without compromising fancy, freedom or rights? If the answer to this questions is more affirmative than negative. Why do we let ourselves shrink to fear and the pressure of being judged?

Personally and in my experience as a blogger, authenticity is a word that guides me to elevate and sometimes restrain. As restraint to weaken whatever need I have to bid the acceptance of others by diluting myself to appeal to them. My entire life, even as a little girl, I was regularly singled out or seen as the daring, feisty and weird one. The kind of kid who was extremely curious and never just took things because someone said that is the way by which it works. I needed to see the reason(s) why. Not really to contradict but to learn and understand.

Fortunately, my mom allowed this part of me to flourish. Of course, there were times when she’d smack me for being too forward. However, I’m glad that she allowed me the opportunity to make sense of things by being me. I learned early to stand up for what I believe.

I’m a grown-up now but, I find that these traits are still trailing me. My belief, style, carriage, the things I did/do and enjoy are personable. These intricacies thrive beautifully not because I perfected an act but rather in light of the fact of being authentic. Each time the fearof being alone push me to fit in or belong to a group (family, society or influencer status), I remind myself that the beauty and freedom of being myself trump what people will say. Funny how people resonate with me just living in my elements. Even more than they do when I conform. So, why should I stiffen my boisterous laughter or tone down my love for colors and eccentric things?

No, Thanks! While I am by no means saying I won’t work on being a better human being who treats other people with respect, I appreciate my uniqueness.


Now, I realize that living boldly as a woman is not about giving all of me away to satisfy others without any tiny piece of my own to nurture me back to life if I struggle with my sense of self-worth. That the temporary high of confidence that I feel when more people accept me for being a good girl. The one who does as the society teaches, to avoid a stigma, will no more work for me. I understand that to live boldly, I might find myself alone more often than I might like. And that it could mean that I have to give up the umbrella of risk-less gains that come with fitting in. 

The power of being enough is something we own. Women are versatile entities capable of thriving outside just one form. I am able to create a life I want and do so passionately and confidently regardless of my fears.


This same energy helped me get a better understanding of something i struggled with creatively for a while. I finally found the strength to criticize myself, my work as a creative. Why I needed a platform and whether my Instagram was just a collection of perfectly curated photos for attention sake. Was I just another hungry person for insta-fame and blog clicks? Did I have any message that needed to get out there? I found my whys by looking inward to answer the questions of what my intention is and what kind of content I’ll love to create.


I want to share the contents about my experiences of personal growth, about things that I love through personal style and inspiring conversation hoping it resonates with women and encourage them to live boldly. I look forward to creating content from this perspective and growing into more clarity and purpose. The fact that my message or content will not appeal to everybody is fine by me. My aim is to amplify my voice, create valuable content and build an engaging community of strong happy women.


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