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A Toner You Shouldn’t Miss Out On | Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Toner Review.

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Pore Perfecting -100% Natural.

Hello loves, I happen to have used something worth sharing with you guys. It’s Dickison’s original witch hazel pore perfecting toner. You know, skincare fever is upon us, and boy… are we heating up. All over Instagram explore page and twitter thread are envy worthy photos of ‘mirror skin’. Right underneath these type of photos lays common question like…”What is your skincare regimen/ what products do you use?” Now, I haven’t quite gotten to the ‘mirror skin’ status. Lol! Nonetheless, I promise you that this toner is a game-changer, below are few reasons why and how it has changed the game for me.

Back Story.

I’ll let you guys in on my experience with toners before now. Until I turned 25 years old I didn’t care much about skin care. After bathing, I’d slap on body lotion on my face and I call it a day, as at then I had no idea how vital a good skin care regimen is. Eventually, my oily acne-prone skin led me to where things like that lead most of us, Google, YouTube and the likes. I digested a lot, took the step, stocked up on cleanser, toner, etc. and then began my skincare adventure. One thing that stood out for me was how toners continuously dried out my skin, with different brands, came diverse drying patterns. My quest for a more natural skincare regimen led to more research and I later settled for ACV toner until I recently layed hands on Dickson’s Original witch hazel pore perfecting toner.


best toner for black women with oily skin


– To refresh the skin and pores.

– Remove excess oil, dirt and makeup residue without over-drying.

– Helps de-puff.

Not much, yeah? I’ve used this toner for about a month now. Let’s see if it lives up to the claims.


How It Changed The Game For Me.

– Packaging/ Size: I must say that I wasn’t expecting a bottle so big when my friend delivered it to me (not that I’m complaining), it’s just that before now, I was so used to small or midi toner bottles that I thought it was a norm. I poured in a decent amount into one of my old toner bottles; that way I can use it judiciously and longer. Did I mention the bottle is simple and attractive? The cap is very firm and secured, no worries about spills.

– Natural: Bandwagon or not; you and I know that natural is great for us all, it is the way to go. If you can’t change all aspect of your life, at least pick one and stick to doing that one naturally. Dickson’s original toner contains only one ingredient (all naturally distilled witch hazel). For once it feels good to tone daily without fear of chemical ingredients.

Dickinson's original witch hazel pore perfecting toner

– Non-Drying: This is the most important game-changing effect that this toner provides me. Guys, I utterly enjoy how refreshing my skin feels with each swipe, no itching, and no stickiness! If you’ve never experienced that tightness or discomfort that comes with using an over drying toner, count yourself lucky and don’t fall a victim. Go grab yourself this mild non-irritating product. Thank me later.

– Removes Dirt/ Balances Oil: If there were something I wish so bad to do away with it, it would definitely be oily skin. This skin type is unnecessary stress, guys. However, this toner removes all the impurities that my cleanser misses and it balances my oily skin. What this means for me is that my skin is not irritated or triggered by the dryness thus; I have little chances of breaking out. I notice how much moisture is locked in after use without feeling oily. 

– Neutral Fragrance: I don’t know why but a heavy or overly fragranced product irritates me over time. The truth is that it might be what I like about a product initially but over time it becomes repulsive. Luckily this toner has a neutral scent and mild for everyday use.


Overall, I rate this product 4/5. While, it is not a one cap fit all (as I still moisturize, cleanse and do all other distinct steps of my beauty regimen), Dickinson’s original witch hazel pore perfecting toner gets the job done. It reduces pores and breakouts. It is true to what it claims and what a toner should do. Oh, it works for all skin types too. Its my honest opinion 

Give it a try and let me in or how it worked for you. Have you used this toner? what is your experience?

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Love, Bennymakachi!


  1. Amaka

    June 27, 2018 at 6:10 am

    Never have I ever used any toner or skincare product before. The first lines of the backstory is so me.
    I’m definitely going to save up for skincare products although my skin doesn’t irritate easily (never had acne or severe irritations).
    Do share more skincare products/routine and thank you💃💃💃💃💃

    1. Benita Makachi

      July 1, 2018 at 7:17 pm

      You really should start taking good care of your skin, its very essential. I’ll advice you look toward organic products and natural stuff

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