26 Life Lessons At 26.

Hey sweethearts!

So, I turned 26 on the 2nd of October 2017.  Why is this news you may ask?! well.. apart from celebrating life and embracing my age. I’m sharing 26 life lessons I’ve learned so far. It’s a way for me to look back at my life and talk about lessons learned from happy, difficult, crazy life changing experiences and phases through the past years. Even better.. you could use one or two pointers from my experience.

  For the longest time.. I remember being different things with age at different times. As a teen, I used to wish I were older so bad; for different reasons like doing whatever I wanted without anyone’s permission (A lot of memories and experience came from those wild and exuberant teen years. lol! ). At 23 I began to feel old; I hid my age from everyone possible. That didn’t change much till the later months of my 25.

The major reason I hid my age or never told anyone about it then was because I felt I wasn’t where I wanted to be.. In my head there wasn’t much to be proud of at 25. So, why let my age be known?? Without further ado. Here are some important life lessons I’ve learned by 26.

Life Is a Living Thing.

– Life is a living thing! This phrase is a motto I hold close to mind. LIfe moves, it’s never static and there’s no reason for one to be static or not move with it.  It reminds me that days turn to weeks, weeks to months, months to year. From Stone Age to Renaissance to what we have today and all the evolution that have followed and will follow. Give me one reason why you shouldn’t live your best life, honey.

If It Comes Let It, If It Goes Let It.

– When it comes nurture it, feel it, live it, love it. When it goes after all efforts to keep it and fight for it. Let it go!

Ones Mind Is a Great Escape.

– This is the reason an open mind is essential. One needs to feed the mind in other for it to flourish.. A rich soul is a rich life.

It Is Important To Own Your Voice and Perspective.

– It’s important to  own your perspective, voice, and ability. Believing in one’s self is something that should come easy but many a time that’s not the case. Putting your vision out is a profound act. Do not dim your light or take for granted what you’ve been blessed with.

Heartbreak and Sadness Make Amazing Tools For Inspiration.

– The best songs, stories and art I’ve created came from dark times. Don’t let a heartbreak or dark time go to waste. harness the heck out of it. You know what they say about making lemonade when life gives you lemon.

Dont Get Too Comfortable With Whats Familiar.

– That thing called ‘comfort zone’, is a place where redundancy thrives. Look at things from the perspective of an adventurer. Get up and go; do it shitting your pants. Promise  yourself you’ll do something you haven’t done before daily/weekly. I promise you excitement and pleasant surprises. Most life changing result come from the least familiar places.

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Never Underestimate The Power Of Love, Gratitude And A Sincere Prayer.

– As a kid in Nigeria; elders instilled in us that prayer is the key. As a grown woman talking to her beloved friends and readers from all over the world. I can boldly tell you that these three things are killer combinations. Love hard and truly, give gratitude (I recommend a gratitude jar), communicate with God in prayer with a sincere heart. See what happens..

Good Music Is One of Gods Greatest Gifts To Mankind.

– If you know me you’ll know I love me some music; not just any music, but good music. That’s why from time to time I share some of my favorites with my Instagram followers (you still don’t follow me? really?). There’s nothing good music can’t make better. So, as a generous sweetheart that I am. Here are three new school artistes you guys should give a spin. -SIR. -SKIP MARLEY. -STACY BARTHE. I await your feed back.

Live Intentionally.

– Know why you do what you do and why you do not do what you don’t. Live life with purpose. Choose to put effort into the things you do, be the change you want to see. If one doesn’t intend to excel at what you do, why start? it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, or what I even make you picture as the perfect life or way to live. Define what you want, embrace your freedom, be intentional about your, path, plans, desires, life and your demands about how you would want for people to love and treat you. 

You Do Not Have To Be Likeable.

–  This calls for action. Do not make being liked your life mission. Treat others fairly, with respect and how you’d like others treat you. Now, go ahead and do your thing, be yourself, unapologetically, regardless of who likes you or not. Struggling for likes (pun intended) will make you go against yourself, bend out of form to please and in most cases it won’t change anything. If it does.. it will be temporary.

Success Has No Due Date or Expiry Date.

– Now, I’m talking to young people like me who are in a hurry to make money! BIG FAT MONEY! There’s  more to life than just money, more so; there’s only so much that one can spend in a life time. Is money truly success? It’s not a bad thing to want it all, dream and do. There is however no need for the rat race or hurry. A success story at 25/35 is still a success story. Pressure doesn’t do it. Realize that you need to pay your dues, see your struggle as pages that will make up your ‘story’ book. It’s call success story for a reason. 

It Not How Fast But How Well.

– Just because someone gets there before you doesn’t mean you won’t. do not despise your little beginning or steady non speedy pace.

Your Life Is Yours.

– Make sure that when you look back at your life that you’re proud of the things you did and memories you created not the life you didn’t live.

There Is Something To Learn From Everyone..Even A Fool.

– This is something I wish I learned earlier than I did. There’s a story and lesson to take away from somewhere, something, someone.  Do not underrate anyone! seek knowledge, read, grow.

You Will Go Through Phases That Will Make You Think You’ve Arrived At The I Know Myself Phase. Don’t Despair, Pay Attention and Learn.

– These phases come with wisdom, they’ll teach you things you didn’t know about yourself and equip you for when the time comes in more ways than one. Do not rush through any of these phases it will lead you to where you need be.

Rules Were Made To Be Broken.

– I grew up a super naughty child. I questioned almost everything ( still do ;p). Some of my fondest memories come from breaking rules. I can still see the *this child will not be the death of me* look on my moms face. lol! Go into the world and break some rules. Be reasonable. Ha!

Do Not Ever Lose Your Inner Child.

– To me, the best way to live is like a child. Happy, free-spirited with plenty of love in the heart. Whatever you do, do not lose your inner child. it will get you through this madness called life.

Being Strong Does Not Make You Less Human.

Crying on a trusted shoulder or letting someone do it for you sometimes doesn’t make you weak or a failure. You’re still a strong man/woman. guess what honey? you’re still human. Hang your super hero cape once in a while; refill, soak in what others have to offer. 

Most Of What You Dislike About Yourself As A Teen Will Be What You Love Most Later On.

– Yea B! I disliked my voice, eyes and lips growing up ( it didn’t help that my brother and then classmates made fun of me) Guess what? these things among others are things I love dearly today. Who can relate?

Every Woman Deserves An Out Of Body Sexual Experience.

Aha! I said it. Sex and sexual related topics aren’t forbidden on here. Every woman deserves an out-of-body sexual experience. Be it that kiss that makes your knees buckle, a head game so strong you swear it was convulsion, lovemaking that brings to life the those intense chapters of Mill & Boons novel you read as a teenager to life. You deserve it!  Life too short to constantly engage in passionless sex or those that end when the guy orgasms, leaving you high and dry. get it!! Do not forget safe sex.

Some Of The Things You Attach a Lot Of Importance To Wont Matter A Few Years From Now.

– How many of you remember wanting something so bad only to ask yourself few months down the line what you were thinking few years later? yup! It almost never gets old. When you’re seething and craving something so bad. remember to ask yourself how much it will matter few weeks, months years from now before you go ahead.

The Only Real Change Come From Inside.

– Those who look outward dream, those who look inward awaken. Explore yourself, search deep within; free of the conviction of others. Therein lays the foundation of our true selves. To awaken you must look within. Be the change you seek.

Love and Invest In Yourself.

– Before you’re able to give to others you must first have\draw from yourself to give. love yourself immersely! Also, do things that add value to you.

Everybody Has Direct Connection With The Supreme Being. 

– A progressive personal relationship with God and healthy spiritual life is something I believe in and long for a great deal. Might be hard to believe because I’m not one to blow horns about certain things. However, I believe that I’ve got a one on one connection with my creator. Since I realized this I’ve become less dependent on anyone interceding for me. As I’ve come to develop the the way and manner in which I communicate with God. A unique relationship and understanding amongst other things. So, do you! Start exploring your personal relationship with God. You’ll be glad you did.

Pay Attention To What Makes You.

That thing that sets you apart? Hold on to it. It is what will make you stand out in the crowd

It Is OK To Not Know What The Future Holds.

– Play your part and leave the rest to the universe. 

Love Bennymakachi.



    November 24, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    All these lessons are so valid especially as someone who is approaching his adult years. I honestly did feel comfortable and proud of myself when I reached 20 but I’ve come to realisee life is a process, take it slow and you’ll love it no matter your age. It’s just a number, right? This outfit is a killer, darling! And your accessories are really beautiful!!

  2. Chidimma akubue

    November 25, 2017 at 9:28 am

    I Love love love this!
    Thank you for sharing. I recently turned 22 and I CAn relate to the hiding my age part for the same reasons. I shared mine on mY BLOG TOo. Number 20 is as real as it gets 😆


    January 19, 2018 at 8:56 am


  4. Yara MEL

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