Guide To Styling Statement Earrings +A Few Of My Favorites.

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Hello loves,

By now it’s no news that statement earrings are making a comeback this season with a Big Bang all over the catwalk and Instagram. Earrings are essential accessories every woman should own in different styles and shapes. More so, statement earrings are a simple and affordable way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank – while keeping it fresh and trendy. Below is my guide to styling statement earrings including a few of my favourites.

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 Modern Hoops.

These are top on the list of my favorites. The designs coming up now are beautiful, clean and minimalist. They style well with almost anything. Casual, classy, ruffles and edgy cuts. They add a dash of cool to outfits. However, It’s important to get the light comfortable ones as the heavy ones could be daunting after a few hours of wearing.

Dramatic Tassels.

If the award for the most popular earrings this season was up. These are sure to grab it. Therefore when buying dramatic tassel earrings make sure to grab versatile ones that are not all over the place and can stand the test of time even when the trend falls short.  These look really good with head wraps and monochrome looks as they already have a lot going on. Still, do not be afraid to get edgy with it. As the say.. “More is more.”

Convertible Studs.

Lets face it – as much as one could love the appeal and extra oomph that statement earrings offer. We all have days where we want to keep it simple and on the go. Another pro of studs is how it fits all face shapes. Again, styled with a sleek up do or fussy big hair. One can almost never get it wrong with studs.

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Ahh! My love for earrings like these. Think 70s glam, big hair, loud makeup, funky music and a dash of these artsy/vintage pieces. I become Donna Summer each time I wear any of these. Do not hesitate try new things or mismatch when rocking these.

Here are a few more guides to consider when purchasing statements earrings. 

– When unsure of colors stick to gold and/or silver. Both colors work well with different skin tones. Silver looks good on green, white and pastel colors among others. While gold works amazingly well with red, orange and earthy tones.

– Buy pieces that standout. Do not be afraid to go bold! Pick statement earrings that are appealing to the eyes and boost your mood with each wear.

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 – Stay away from overly heavy or uncomfortable earrings that can cause pain or headache when you wear for long. Ensure that the clips are not too tight. Fix properly and do not forget to go for versatile statements earrings that can stand the test of time.

I’ll be sharing info on stores where you can buy similar pairs for a steal on my Instagram. Be sure to follow. 

What are your favorite style of earrings?


Love, Bennymakachi!




    November 9, 2017 at 2:35 am

    This post is so detailed! And your collection of earrings is so beautiful!

    1. Benita Makachi

      November 12, 2017 at 9:27 am

      Thank you, I write to add value to my wonderful reader. Detailed is the way to go. My collection of earrings make me super excited. 😊

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