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How’s your day going? Let me just say before we continue that I’m sorry about the difficulty you experienced trying to open my blog, load a page or comment. It’s been resolved now.

The devil tried it (hacked) but we made it through. Thanks Shona for the assistance. If you didn’t already know. She’s the one who set up my blog. So hit her up to build you a website or blog. (IG: @officialshona_).

Let me say now that I am by no means a fitness pro or expert. I’ll just share my journey as I go, and the way it’s worked for me. If in anyway you are able to take something away or get motivated by it. Then, awesome!

Today, I wanna share few important lessons I learned one month in as a fitness beginner.

  • Set your goals and target: Yea, at the stage where one is starting to pick interest in fitness. There are always parts of ones body one wants to work on. These are what I refer to as target area and goals. For me it’s my arms, my glutes, oblique, abs and calves. I absolutely can’t wait to see my legs double in size.
  • Take a before photo, measurements and check weight: I remember how awkward I felt taking before photos, lol! I don’t know why, seeing that as a blogger I pose for photos very often. Still. So, yea! I felt awkward taking before photos but, it has helped me recognize changes very fast. This helps me see where I’m coming from and why I need to keep going and put in work. Measurements is important to me because it’s actual. I’m not assuming whether or not I’ve added muscle on my target area. Comparing before and after measurements shows me how far I’ve actually come and how far I need to go. ( when I started on April 18th, my hip size was 37 but a month into fitness, my hip measurement size is 40. See, I added 3 inches). Now, my aim is to gain lean muscles. (When I started out I weighed 63.3 kg but a month check shows I now weigh 65kg with a more toned arm, glute and back) Yaaay! We’re getting there.
  • Get a friend, trainer, mentor that knows their onions on fitness: This helped me a lot and I did notice improvements on my part. Before I joined the very small gym I use now. I previously trained in bigger ones and even at home. But guess what, I didn’t see as much improvement as I am now. Just because a trainer has a mass of muscles doesn’t mean he would understand your body and what it needs to be beat into shape. Talk to your mentor, friend, trainer (Like actually communicate) with them to make sure  you both understand what you need. Ensure that the person knows what they’re doing as your body response will tell you all you need to know. For my DIY lovers, it’s not a bad thing to ask or get help from someone who knows better. Thank God for the internet. Loads of people and pages can mentor you! The best advise I’ve gotten is to engage and build my core. Amen!

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  • Listen to your body: This right here is probably the most important thing for me to do. Always! I try to make sure that I get the posture and positions of exercises right. ( it will fuck you up big time if you don’t). Some exercises are not meant for me right now and that’s fine. I find alternative exercises that could give the same result without taking a toll on my body. I learned this the hard way. My core (lower back especially isn’t my strongest suit). During my first week I did a routine that my lower back wasn’t ready for. Boy! I suffered pain like I’ve never. Now, even if a trainer had a rope to my neck I won’t attempt that exercise except my weakest part (core) becomes strong enough to take it. Listen to your body!!!!
  • There will be shitty days: Sweetie, don’t be hard on yourself. There will be shitty workout days. Days that you’ll get to the gym and can’t even lift a 3kg dumbbell even though you made 20kg your plaything the previous day. What I do whenever this happens is get enough rest and food. After a good workout session, especially weight training, the body needs to get enough rest and food rich in protein. Now, you don’t wanna get cheeky or lazy and make everyday a shitty day πŸ˜‚. Go hard on every gym session and make sure you get enough rest afterwards. I’ve realized that I’ll miss a couple days not because I want to but because it’s gonna happen. Also, that there will be shitty days! The best part is that everybody including your trainer has shitty days too. So… πŸ˜‚

Few important lessons l have learned a month into my fitness journey. More to come. If you’ve been trying or wanting to start keeping fit. I hope this motivates you to get up and go. Take it one day at a time! You’ll love it and your body will thank you!

Love, Bennymakachi!


  1. Oreoluwa

    May 23, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    ugh! I need to change my life, for real.

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  2. Katrina Jean Carter

    May 24, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Hey Benny!thanks for Sharing your tips! I can attest to them and having an accountability buddy surely helps a lot. Unfortunately it is the one thing I don’t have LOL can’t wait to get back at it like you! And super excited to witness your progress for the next coming months.

  3. Wahissa

    June 5, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    Hi Benny! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad the devil didn’t succeed! (lol). Looking forward to more posts.

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