Hello paninies,

Happy New month to you all!

May we all flourish in this month of April. Amen!

I started this monthly recap on my WordPress and it was one of those things I thought to keep doing on here. Because, apart from giving my readers a chance to keep up with me, it enables me put down my month in words thereby helping me to appreciate what I was able to get done through the month and strategize on what and where I slacked. This is my first monthly recap on here and it will take place once last day of the month from now on. Do enjoy!

Blog Launch: One beautiful thing of great purpose that happened to me this month was me officially moving to my own domain ‘’.

*Yes, I typed it out even though you’re already on here. I like typing it out and I’m extra like that*.

What gives me more satisfaction as regards my blog is the layout I achieved. It’s something I wanted and I’m super gassed I nailed the look. Simple, easy to navigate, attractive and professional looking. Do you agree?

Travel: This was one thing I planned to do more in 2017, starting here in Nigeria. I said to visit more states; even those I had visited before. But, this time with a different mindset and approach. In the month of march I visited Ibadan and Lagos. Boy, did I have fun? I hope to travel to two other states within Nigeria this month of April though I don’t have any particular ones in mind at the moment. Fingers crossed!

Ibadan: As I mentioned above, I traveled to Ibadan (western part of Nigeria). I don’t exactly know why I love Ibadan but I do. Maybe it’s the cost of living which is low or the how well there is balance between traditional and modern way of life in Ibadan or that the meanest Amala meal I’ve had, came out of Ibadan or the contrast between the high brow G.R.A and the shanty like Beré covered in famous brown roofs. I just don’t know but I love Ibadan. Let me know down the comment section if you’d like a ‘placed to visit in Ibadan’ review.

Lagos: What can I say about this, my journey to Lagos was very hush hush. As I didn’t reach out to bloggers and people as I should have to hangout or collaborate since my journey there was for personal purposes but, I enjoyed every bit of my time in Lagos. Firstly, it wasn’t as hot as Ilorin, Ibadan or Abuja. Again, for the first time I went to the famous Yaba thrift market (snagged me so goodies) and also rode in a Danfo ? bus. Now, the drama that took place in that bus during my very short commute is something I would never forget. As I result of that I forgive you Deji and Tjay for insisting I get a taste of the ‘Danfo‘ fever. I attended a pop up sale by a blogger named fashionbydaisy. What can I say about this, my journey to Lagos was very hush hush. As I didn’t reach out to bloggers and people as I should have to hangout o, had a bomb ass sharwama from a food truck at Bode Thomas Ikeja, went for a pool party at Ilashe beach amongst many other things. Oh! How could I forget how deep into my pocket Uber and Taxify bit. ??

No sleep: I got the littlest sleep I’ve had in 2017 in the month of March! I was literally a zombie. Being so used to my bed, my apartment and doing things as I like and plan. It was one heck of a month being on the go, sleeping (not actually sleeping) on different beds, adjusting to the morning routine of my hosts and all of that. If you are a long time reader you’d know how much I love my beauty sleep. But, the month of march had an entirely different plan for me.

Lost track: Yea, I lost track of a lot of things. Because I had a lot to do and it takes me time feeling at home at my hosts, who were awesome by the way. I could get my daily dose of exercises, green tea, morning stretch and meditation even. This helped me realize the importance of planning. I plan a lot of things especially in regards to my schedule and daily routines. Forget my journal in Ilorin did nothing to help my situation as a girl lost in track. A journal or planner will definitely help you when you travel or outside your comfort zone. You need it! I promise, I’m not a cry baby!! ?

Milestone: With all the craziness that came with March, came some milestones.  With my blog I attained the page view I set for the month of March and this has me thinking I need to double that of April. Also, There was no week I didn’t put up a post. Craziness and all.

Again, Where ever and whatever city my trips took me, I socialized and went out to catch some fun at my free time no matter how little. Normally, I would prefer to spend that free time in bed, phone in hand and movie on screen. ? But, I socialized!! Clap for me, somebody. Would ya?????.

Distractions and Adjustments: The number one thing I got distracted from was exercise. I missed it so much and can already see how much I need to go back full throttle. Also, meditation is how I have a conversation with my creator, It is the first thing I do before saying ‘Good morning’ to anyone. Saying that before my meditation means no morning meditation for me. It happened a lot in March! As I result of this distractions I felt like a cry baby, insufficient, and a spoiled drama queen. It felt like I was watching the good habits I’ve cultivated overtime fall apart .

Guess how I overcame these silly thoughts?

By voicing positive affirmations to negative thoughts. Where felt weak I replaced with brace words and thoughts, where I felt sad and unhappy I countered with happy thoughts and fun times out.

Reconnection:  It felt good reconnecting with friends and acquaintances over lunch, drinks, sit out, meeting Etc. sometimes, it feels good to know that people look forward and are eager to reconnect and play catchup with you. It means you played a significant role or made some type of impact in their lives for them to wanna connect with you again. Whatever is worth doing is what doing well! Friendship too! I’ve got much love to everyone I reconnected with in the month of march and wish you all nothing but love and light always! ?

Sunburn: I did a whole lot of walking and sunburn became my best friend. In fact it’s safe to say I was roasted. Face the shade of charcoal and neck the shade of brown cake ?. If you think you’ve got melanin and don’t need sunscreen when you are doing a lot of walking under African sunlight ( Abuja, Ibadan and Ilorin in my case) then, Sweetheart you need a rethink and while tube of sunscreen to help that melanin flourish. I’d do a review on an affordable sunscreen that has been giving me my melanin mojo back next week! Look out for it.

There you have it my Month of March in a nutshell! What was yours like?

Love, Bennymakachi!


  1. Jolaade

    April 1, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    Dis sounds lyk so much fun. U need to post ur workout routine ere o pretty pls. I reside in ib nd it’s just a REAlly cool place to live in. M in lagos currently nd can’t wait to explore yaba market. U’re having so much fun I’m craving it lol

    1. Benita Makachi

      April 1, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      It was so much fun as well as a lot of stress. I will soon! I’m working on it! I didn’t know you live in IB, would have found a way to meet you, sweetheart. You should explore Yaba but make sure you know how to bargain or go with someone who does. Xx

  2. Katrina Jean Carter

    April 1, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    You have so much class, Bennny! I am so happy for all your achievements and wish I could celebrate with you! I completely agree you nailed the layout and I’m loving all the improvements I am seeing. I am witnessing the growth not just in life but as a blogger, too!

    Amen to a prosperous April!!


    1. Benita Makachi

      April 1, 2017 at 5:02 pm

      Awww! How sweet of you. You are not only celebrating with me but adding impacts to my life to. I love you, girlfriend! I’m glad you do! Here’s to slaying this month, babe!

  3. Ada

    April 1, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    You love ibadan??? Really… I schooled in the university of ibadan. Well cost of living is very low, that I can say. And as for Lagos, Yaba market is the place to be

    1. Benita Makachi

      April 1, 2017 at 5:31 pm

      Yes, I do!!! I had no idea. What was schooling there like? Yes, it is. I totally agree.

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