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A Young Woman’s Guide: To Self-Care + Mindful Practices That Help Me Empower Myself.

what is self-care?   Hey loves, ever asked yourself the meaning of Self-care? Well…To me, Self-care is a free-willed and purposeful exertion by one to recognize and support one’s self and the things that enhance the prosperity of one’s mind, body, and soul. It is a persistent, mindful routine with regards to love and generosity to self. If you live in the present world, happen to be a millennial, or surf the web a lot then you’re most likely not an outsider to  ...

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A Toner You Shouldn’t Miss Out On | Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Toner Review.

Pore Perfecting -100% Natural. Hello loves, I happen to have used something worth sharing with you guys. It’s Dickison’s original witch hazel pore perfecting toner. You know, skincare fever is upon us, and boy… are we heating up. All over Instagram explore page and twitter thread are envy worthy photos of ‘mirror skin’. Right underneath these type of photos lays common question like…”What is your skincare regimen/ what products do you  ...

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Denim Jacket| A Must-Have Fashion Item.

Denim jacket is a wardrobe essential.  Seasons may come and go but Denim jacket is here to stay. Not only has it established itself as a classic and wardrobe staple, Its become the quintessential symbol of coolness. Denim jacket has become increasingly popular – Designers, fashion week attendees and style lovers continuously find a new take to this item, whether it be for a quick grab and go moment, strut down the runway or planned outfit. Personally, a denim jacket has been a key  ...

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